Completely Electric

  • Lower Operating costs
  • High Efficiency
  • Zero Emissions

Beyond Hydraulic

  • High Performance
  • Reduced Noise
  • Possibility to Work indoor

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Ghedini Wins SaMoTer 2023 Innovation award

EPB 48 Wins!

Our latest project (Ghedini EPB 48) is the WINNER of the SAMOTER INNOVATION AWARD!


“to be a concrete step towards the electrification of equipment for earthmoving machines”

“for the functional and innovative concept in hydraulic excavator hammers”

“for the simple and achievable idea”

Over 35 Years of experience

We produce accessories that adapt perfectly to the different models of earthmoving machines from 1984.

The future is electric!

Electric Equipment for Earthmoving and Forestry. The technologies of the future are less and less dependent on fossil fuels. We are always one step ahead in designing and developing new green technologies. If you own an electric excavator, we have the electric attachment for you!

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Great success at Bauma!

Our first public event was a success!

We received a lot of requests and thousands of questions. We are truly the first in the world presenting the future, the electric attachments!

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Our awesome team

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Giuliano Vezzani

Export Manager

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Elisa Bertani

Southern Italy and Isles

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+39 393 1899121

Skype: vendite.ghedini

Giampietro Bassan

Northern Italy

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+39 377 1238813

Skype: gbassan1

Discover our Electric Attachments!

The Future is Now! Electric Equipment for Earthmoving

Electric attachments for excavators are becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry due to their many benefits. These attachments offer a number of advantages over traditional hydraulic attachments and are an excellent option for those looking to reduce emissions and increase efficiency on the job site.

One of the main benefits of electric attachments is their low emissions. They produce no fumes, making them an ideal option for indoor and urban jobs where air quality is a concern. This also makes them safer for workers and the environment.

Another benefit of electric attachments is their improved efficiency. They use less energy to operate, which not only reduces costs but also increases productivity. In addition, the lack of hydraulic oil means that there is less maintenance required, resulting in less downtime and less money spent on maintenance and repair.

Despite these benefits, there are some challenges associated with electric attachments. One of the biggest challenges is the limited battery life, which can limit their use on larger projects. However, advancements in battery technology are making this less of an issue, and longer-lasting batteries are now available.

In conclusion, electric attachments for excavators are a valuable investment for those looking to increase efficiency, reduce emissions, and improve precision. While there are some challenges associated with their use, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks and make them an excellent option for construction professionals.

A step into the Future!

Sustainable and ecological.

Our electric attachments maintain the performance of the hydraulic system allowing you to work more silently and in closed environments. They are designed for the new models of fully electric excavators and earthmoving machinery.

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